The ‘Fly on the Wall’ is a year old!

They say time flies. True. Before I knew it, it’s already been a year since “The Fly on the Wall” was born. 🙂

Here’s some statistics to feel good about (not earth-shattering, but it’s a start)…

  • Total posts: 110
  • Comments: 134
  • Total page views (excluding me): 14,278
  • Number of spam comments: 882

Most popular posts (in terms of traffic; not necessarily my favourite ones):

Popular search keywords leading to this blog:

  • “indian feet” (I still don’t get why people search for “indian feet”!!!)
  • “chevrolet spark”
  • “lord shiva”
  • “car dashboard”
  • “rajini”

What’s in store for the next year:

  • More authors other than me (anybody interested?)
  • More posts (including video-interviews & conversations with interesting people) of research & innovation related topics
  • Sharing more of the (non-client) work we do at Onward
  • More consistent/regular updates
  • Re-design of the blog user interface

Any other suggestions/ideas?

And finally, to all those loyal/faithful/patient/supportive readers of the blog out there, here’s a BIG…THANK YOU!!!!!! 🙂


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