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Linked to Bill and the billion-dollar question

Here I am, checking out LinkedIn’s new & improved website and right on top of the homepage, there’s a huge, cannot-miss-blurb (ad?) calling your attention:

Bill Gates asks: How can we do more to encourage young people to pursue careers in science and technology?

Obviously, I click on it. I find myself checking out the beginning of a long list of responses (1674 answers). Bill’s LinkedIn profile page isn’t too far away either! Here’s what I loved about his profile page (apart from the fact that I’m a “3rd degree contact” to Bill):

Contact Settings
Bill Gates is not currently open to receiving Introductions or InMail

Anyways, amusing-stuff-to-trip-upon apart, I’m happy to see somebody like him is now just a proverbial click-away!

And, here was my answer to his question, for whatever it’s worth. (Since I do have a hammer in my hand, everything does look like a nail):

First, use ethnographic research to understand the core issue…about why young people aren’t pursuing careers in science and technology.

We need to understand what factors motivate them to turn away or to look at other careers and what factors influence today’s youth in their career choices.

The solution to the above question will be easier to find once these motivators & influencers have been identified & clearly articulated.

So, do I now get the billion dollars? 😉


(Trying) to go local

In an attempt to go local in India, Microsoft’s Office website for India, is in Hindi by default!!! And, there doesn’t seem to be way to change the language to English while still being in the ‘India site’.

This seems like a classic case of misplaced localisation. Wonder why somebody at MS hasn’t figured out selecting the India site doesn’t necessarily mean people want Hindi! There’s a sizable audience in the country that doesn’t know (and even aren’t too fond of) Hindi…I could see many of them getting really irritated on seeing Hindi, and more importantly, not being able to change it back to English (or to other Indian languages).


Mobile search heating up

Looks like lot of heat picking up on the mobile search space in India…

Hutch has been aggressively advertising Microsoft’s Live search on Hutch phones.

Live Search powered by Microsoft is India’s first mobile search consumer offering. All you have to do is to key in what you are looking for, and Live Search will display relevant results in a fraction of a second.

The ad for Live search lives up to the reputation of the Hutch commercials. Check it out:

Now Yahoo announces a similar partnership with Idea.

And, coinciding with this partnership, is the news about Yahoo launching internet mobile portal (Yahoo Go Mobile 2.0) in 12 countries (including India).

I’m guessing an announcement from Airtel (possibly, in partnership with Google…?) is the next on the cards…